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    familiar casting spells

    Hello! the champion feat for wizard's familiars says that it can cast a spell once per level. Does it mean - per level of wizard?if the wizard is level 5 when he gets this feat so the familiar will cast spell 5 times? or level of what ?

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    page 150 - 13 age core book - familiars's abilities
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    You might be best off asking rules/games questions on a publisher forum/Discord to get an answer to a detailed rules question like this.


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    excuse me, your deityness, i was thinking this is a 13 age discussion forum, my mistake. publisher doesnt support their own forum as far as i know.

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    This is primarily a forum for discussing items relevant to the 13th Age framework/ruleset for Fantasy Grounds specifically. I was just making sure that you also directed your question to other forums for more general rules questions about the game system. For the most part, most publishers don’t monitor VTT forums directly for their systems.


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