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    I recently purchased "The Return of Dr. Destruction" and would like to reskin it. I apparently have a faulty memory in that I thought you could open either the Ref Manual or Story entry and edit it. It appears the only way to accomplish the reskin is either:

    1. through the Story entry and only by copying each story entry followed by opening and editing of the copy.
    2.Create a new Ref Manual and copy/paste each individual ref manual page.

    Is that correct? I had thought there was an easier way, but maybe I am mistaken?

    Edit: Copy and paste of the Ref Manual into a new manual is very quick, so this wasn't the chore I originally thought at all, but not sure where to find the new reference manual I just built outside of clicking the builder tab again. Also still curious if there is another method.
    Edit 2: In the interest of completeness - I do see how to export the new ref manual in the wiki HERE
    I made this. Only got the message now through email. I am more that happy to help you out as much as possible. The adventure has been updated and the ref manual can be edited. Change pushed early at 08:25 UTC so it might make it into this weeks updates if we are very lucky. If you don't see then rest assured it will be in the next cycle of updates.

    If you have any more problems or need advice on running any SWADE stuff. I would love to hear from you on the Savage Worlds forum or the Smiteworks Discord server. https://discord.gg/G8FRkRBd
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    Thabks for the response lonewolf. The product is great and even prior to the unlocking, the fix was quick and simple. Mostly wanted to make sure I wasn't xeazy in my rec9ll3xtion of what was locked or not.

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