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    LFP/ twitch and youtube streamed game (pst) tuesday 4pm pst / 5e

    -we are trying to make a very high production value dnd content for youtube and twitch

    -must have a good mic, a good camera and good environment in your room. must play on a computer, you can use your phone for webcam if you know how to set up that software. the game will be played on pc on roll20 and discord.

    -at least 1 year experience in dnd

    -experience doing live broadcasts a plus

    -must be willing to put forth effort to cooperate in making this high quality YouTube/ twitch content.

    -must be reliable

    -must be able to produce characters with personalities and do some semblance of a character voice different than your actual voice.

    -the game is a very classical dnd style exploration/roleplay/combat, balanced campaign.

    -runtime is about 3 1/2 hours

    -game will be once per week, tuesday nights 4pm pst. you can google a time converter and convert the time yourself. tuesday 4pm pst time to your specific time zone.

    As you can see the requirements for this game is quite demanding and it is a big project. As of now we have two dedicated players. If you are serious about producing dnd content like critical role or dimension 20 and are willing to put forth the effort please respond to this ad by messaging me on discord. Mr.P#4177 or joining our recruitment group https://discord.gg/Cv8dWMK2

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    Advertise over on Roll20, not on a competitor website forum, thanks.

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