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    Deadlands Noir Theme chat window and die rolls broken

    The Deadlands Noir Theme seems to suddenly cause at least two issues. The major one is that rolling any die roll from a character sheet does not work and instead causes a Script Execution error message (see attached screen shot and FGU console logs). The secondary one (and possibly related to the first) is that the text box in the chat window is slightly off compared to text typed in the chat box as well as any messages posted, such as "Extension loaded". (See attached screen shot and log files)

    Disabling the Theme allows a Deadlands Noir game to work but that defeats the entire purpose of the Theme, which seems to have had a lot of work put into it.

    Based on log files, the issues seem possibly related to a change in the modifierstack.lua script in the Savage Worlds ruleset.
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    Those look like the old versions are loading.

    Please follow these steps:
    * Open your FG data folder (via folder button on FG launch screen)
    * Open the extensions sub-folder
    * Delete DLN_Theme.ext and DeadlandsNoir.ext files
    * Return to FG launch screen, and run new Check for Updates.
    * Make sure to reselect the Setting/Theme extension (Setting: SW - Deadlands Noir, Theme: SW - Deadlands Noir)


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    Thanks! That seems to have corrected the problems.

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