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    Ok, I sat down again after the last round of D&D and tried to find the remaining, "disturbing" elements and replace them. On the screenshots, you can see what I changed.

    The small yellowish frame in the CT (rounds & visible all) could not simply be exchanged. I guess there is another file linked in "graphics_frames.xml". The original file from the old Core RGP graphics looks a little strange, so I made a new one (in the looks of the Menu button in CT). Oh, and I think that on export of the original button someone forgot to make the background transparent, therefore there are small white corners visible.

    Since the official theme is not freely accessible, (as far as I know), I can not look in there. I also think there is a color overlay over some elements, e.g. menu selection wheel, and the little arrows for next, back and so on, which used to be gray and are now kind of blue.

    Made an extension with Ruleset Wizard, with the load order 55, which restores the old look, but I'm not sure if I'm allowed to distribute this extension like that and if so, what would be the best way to do it. I still think a complete and official fix in the original files would be better, but if it is ok, I am glad to be of help here by sharing my fix.

    Best wishes!
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    Best way to distribute it would be the Forge, no doubt. I can't see why you wouldn't be allowed to distribute it, yours wouldn't be the first extension that tweaks a theme as far as I remember, but hopefully someone from SW can give an authoritative answer on that.

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