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    Official D&D 5 theme broken?


    I guess "Baron Theme" got promoted to be the new standard theme of FGU.

    The official D&D Theme seems to had dependencies to the former standard theme and now has some colorful glitches, that do not really read well with the rest of the more grayscale/red design of the theme.

    I can't find the official "D&D theme" under expansions (perhaps it is not allowed to meddle with), so could someone official please look into this.

    • chat input field
    • scrollbar
    • character portrait frame
    • gm chat icon
    • resize icon

    Also, it seems to have a yellowish tint.
    See screenshot, this is running with no extension then the theme itself.

    (edit) "Savage Worlds Adventure Edition" has similar probs in the chat input field, and perhaps other places where it used standard images from the former FGU Theme.

    Thanks and happy gaming.
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    It is working as intended. The base components were upgraded in the core theme; and the D&D theme never overrode those elements.


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    Thank you Moon Wizard.

    Maybe my post was not written understandably enough.

    I understand that on the technical side it "works as intended", but the result does not work with the design of some official themes. That's just my opinion.
    Since the new core theme of Fantasy Grounds is now very present, colorful and has a rather "heavy" design, the elements just unfortunately do not work so well with the old design of the affected themes.

    I made myself an extension, reverting the looks back. I just thought it would be helpful to make the changes (adding the missing files to the graphics folder) in the original themes, then adding another new extension.

    Regards and happy gaming ,
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lynnx333 View Post
    I made myself an extension, reverting the looks back.
    Would you be able to share it? Because I personally agree that the Official D&D Theme now has several parts that are eyesores, where it doesnt override the base "Baron" theme. It looked a lot better and a lot more consistent with the "old" base theme.

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    I'll be adjusting the scrollbars, combo boxes and resize handles in the updates this week.


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    Thank you Moon Wizard. That is great news!

    @Lo Zeno
    I was working on it. I'll wait for the changes from Moon Wizard, because I think if the files are in the original theme, this is a better solution then another extension.


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    This has been released to Live.


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    Thank you, Moon Wizard.

    D&D 5e:
    Will the other elements get an update too?

    • chat input fields (blue with yellow frame and the typo is not matching rest of theme)
    • character portrait frames (yellow border around pics & when empty it looks like a yellow post-it)
    • gm chat icon (the blue one with GM on it)

    Savage Worlds:
    The Savage Worlds Rulesets does not show this changes, furthermore I have noticed a glitch in the hot keys bar... the number fields are sticking out at the top of the bar and somehow the desktop image is viewable under the hot bar (FG maximized at full HD, scaleui 100%, with windows bar on the bottom of screen).

    I imagine that you have much to do, and I think that handling all this stuff around FG Updates must feel like "who the hell has opened Pandora's Box... again!".
    Let's just say you and the others do a fantastic job here. Thank you for keeping this VTT running.

    Regards and happy gaming,
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    There are no plans to make further updates at this time to the D&D Official theme.
    I'll put in a fix for the SW hot key titles. They are using an older positioning, so I have to set an override for that ruleset.


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    Subscribing to this thread in hopes that the changes requested by @Lynnx333 will be considered. I also use the "official" 5e theme and agree with @Lynnx333 on the current appearance of the portrait borders and the chat input field. Thanks for your consideration!

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