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Thread: Weird occurance

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    Weird occurance

    One of my players (semi-)recently upgraded to Vista; in the process of doing that, he just copied over his FG2 installation, rather than re-installing. He still connects, still plays properly. The only issue he seems to be having at this point is that the program data folder is completely missing, and FG doesn't seem to access it even if he creates it.

    I've told him to reinstall to fix that issue, but the problem is that he can't locate his registry key--I don't know how it's running without it, but it isn't located in his registry, and the program runs. He bought it from the main store, but the "Order History" button doesn't appear in the store. And he doesn't have any emails left from when he purchased the program three years ago.

    Is there any way that anyone can think of to retrieve the license key, or is he SOL?

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    If it IS running, I suggest he check the registry.
    Just do a search on "Fantasy Grounds" and if he has upgraded rather than fresh-installed the key should be there.
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    You have to go into the registry and change the folder that the program looks for the data folder at.

    Windows xp goes Drive:/Documents and Settings/*User Name*/Application Data\Fantasy Grounds II\

    Windows vista goes Drive:\Users\*User Name*\AppData\Roaming\Fantasy Grounds II\

    If he switches the Registry key all should work fine.

    Also, check to make sure the serial key is the correct key.
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    And make sure the key has dashes in it.

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