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    Little streaming advice please


    I would like to stream a game session soon and was looking at how to just have the campaign map displayed to the viewers. Now I do understand that I can run a second instance of FGU and have just the map (image) showing. The problem I am having trouble understanding is how to give just that connection a complete view of the map without the fog of war. Is there a way to do this?

    I looked at the assistant GM extension but I will be running SFS and have not found one for that game system.

    Thanks in advance

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    What I think you are trying to do.

    On the GM screen run as normal 'behind the scenes'
    For players logging in remotely to see the standard view that players see
    You also want a third view that shows the map the players are on without showing the fog of war, etc that the players see but you do not want to show the GM side either.

    Is this right?

    If that is the case then I do not think it is possible. But I can think of a potential hack to accomplish in a different way.

    You could start up a second instance of FG to show the Players point of view with a token you control and move around. That token's light source/vision could be made to be effectively infinite. So it would not show the fog of war to that token's perspective.
    It means juggling the two sessions as the GM and a touch of extra setup.
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    This juggling act with a second client and a token I control is what I do to share the map via Discord.

    I run a youth game group, where the kids do not have Windows, Mac, or Linux computers. They have phones, some have tablets, and some have Chromebooks.

    When we play remotely, I share a screen from my Mac to the Discord channel for the game. I put the second FGU instance with my DM-token on that screen. I have to remember to move the token and map around. It’s a total pain, since I’m already paying attention to my main GM instance of FGU and watching Discord.
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    For my stream I run a second instance of FGU and share that instances map, but it shows the current players vision. I do this so the stream gets to see what the players see and also so the players don't stream snipe and see things they shouldn't, lol

    You could create a DM char (or however many you need) that you place around the map with Darkvision. Shrink the token down small where it can't be seen then you'll have your stream vision. Just make sure you're not using shared party vision or your players will also see.

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