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    Problem with Subclass features

    Good day to you all
    Am having a real problem while leveling up the cleric or sorc for example
    i saw the character creation videos of FGU
    when for example he goes for life domain cleric and then level up to level 2
    the character wizard is going to assign for him automatically only turn undead and preserve life features
    but when i do the same the wizard adds every channel divinity feature in existence to the character and have to remove them manually one by one
    am i doing something wrong ?
    same thing goes for sorc
    when i level him up only heightened spell shows in the metamagic but nothing else and i have to add another one manually

    so is there something wrong am i doing ?
    why my characters are not leveling up like the FGU tutorial videos
    and the character wizard he uses in the video does not resemble the one i use , is it because the videos are old ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Tru3Legend View Post
    btw this is the video advertised in FGU
    This behavior has changed over the months. One simply deletes the uneccesary domains. It is a nuisance, but for now the alternative would be not to include anything with the automation for the PCs. Usually, with Fantasy Grounds, features are off or on, and alternatively, not fixed or smooth without having to rewrite the entire functionality and logic of the character build features.
    The DnD5e rule set is sort of in a state of "no major changes" for now.
    The solution for now is to delete the extraneous features.
    The Stoehovve videos are really good, but age rapidly, and are not official when coming from the author's personal channel. It's difficult to create exhaustive tutorials because Fantasy Grounds evolves all the time.
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