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    Looking for a game

    I just recently got into the virtual tabletop gaming thing, but I've been playing D&D for years now. I'm trying for find a game on here, but haven't really had any luck. Whats with everything being Savage Worlds, what exactly is that? Is it similar to D&D 3.5, because I know that ruleset like the back of my hand. I'm available from about 6pm to Midnight, Central time, later than that on Saturday nights. Actually, a Saturday night game would be perfect. Any groups out there looking for another player? PM or reply to this, help me find a game please!!

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    Savage Worlds is a game from Pinnacle Entertainment:

    It has quite a bit of recent popularity but there are probably many more d20 games out there on fantasy grounds. SW has a mechanic where with greater ability you roll a larger die for your damage. It is quite a bit lighter rules wise than D20 but less detailed as well.

    There is a ground swell for it among some ruleset writers and a good ruleset available from Digital adventures. You don't need the ruleset as a player. Its not something you wouldn't learn easily coming from D20.

    On the other hand there are a fair number of games out there in D20. Sadly, the website calendar is less than fully functional for finding a game here. Your best bet is to do as you've done. Share your availability and speak up until you find someone with an open game.

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    Savage worlds is a great system. It is simple but also versatile. I have a scifi game going on. It is called project eden. Here is the link.

    Also in the near future I am starting a Lord of the rings campaign. Here is the link.

    If your interested let me know.

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    How long does your game run, jthm0138 ? It starts around 7pm my time, but how long do you run? Are you using point-buy, or rolling up characters? Do I need to roll up in front of you? These things seem kinda important, and you didn't really give me alot of information there :P I'm just sayin...

    Thanks for the tip, Sigurd, I'll keep looking around till I find something that piques my interest. I think for right now I'll stick with D20, since thats what I know. Being new to FG, its probably not a good idea to try to learn 2 new things at the same time.

    I'm interested in the LoTR campaign, but sci-fi RPG's aren't really my thing, thanks anyway kyxmma.

    Here's another question : I've noticed alot of the posts for games say that voice comms is required, any suggestions for a comfortable headset? I guess I could just watch G4, but I'll post up on here as well.
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