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    Wanted: Map Maker for Warhammer mods

    I am currently finalizing my first FG2 mod based on the warhammer RPG adventure "Pretty Things". I would like to continue this with the prelude and the entire "Paths of the Damned" campaign. I have decided that I cant do the whole conversion and all the custom artwork alone, otherwise it will be too long in between adventures.

    So if anyone is good at map making and/or token making and wants to help out please contact me.

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    Free fate points???

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    Check out my yahoo site (first link). There are some custom maps there that I made using CC3. The are battlemap style maps exported to .jpg files. To my knowlege, no one has seen them but me (except one I posted here as a sample). You're welcome to use them.

    Now - where's my fate points?
    Ultimate License
    Rulesets by NezziR:
    WFRP2 for FGI, WFRP2 for FGII, Dark Heresy for FGII,
    Savage Fallout for FGII and Savage Worlds, FGII help mod.


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    Nice work, you can never have to many battlemaps! I was kinda hoping to get someone to make maps specific to the Paths of the Damned campaign...
    It would be great if the art assets were done by the same style so that they gave off the same impression of the setting. Maybe i hit up the dunjinni forums.

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