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    The Spreading Darkness Sundays 5:00pm - 10:00pm EST

    I have found a little time to finally run a game. I would like to start tonight, D&D 3rd core books for now. I am using a few pre-made modules that have been slightly tweaked. The campaign will take a level 1 as far as 20. I am a very open DM, this would be my first time DM'ing in fantasygrounds but I have ran games for a about 6 years or so. Please no Rule lawers.

    looks like tonight is off but monday same time is good
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    I'd love to play, but 5 EST (4 o'clock for me) is too early on Monday, I'll be getting off work about that time... maybe 6 your time? I can be there at 5 EST on Sunday though. Do you have any other players yet?

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    I can do this. I posted something yesterday about looking for a Sunday PM game in the forums.

    Should have PM'd me!!

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    yeah 6 EST would be ok for a Monday game.

    I am free most evenings only days i can not run a game would be on Tuesday and Wednesday, any time after 1pm or so.
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