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    Tech Weapons: Special Shots (Charge)

    Hi Seansps and Crew,

    i want to give my players access to two prototype weapons. Homebrewed tech weapons:

    Militech M-76e Omaha
    The Militech M-76e Omaha is an exotic standard quality Heavy Pistol with a 9 shot capacity
    that cannot be upgraded and acts as a Tech Weapon. When the M-76e Omaha charges, it
    fires 3 rounds simultaneously and deals 4d6 damage instead of 3d6 damage. The charged
    shot ablates armor by 3 instead of 1 whenever you would ablate armor. This weapon can
    only fire unique Flechette rounds that ablates armor by 2 when it's not charged.

    Militech M-179 Achilles
    The Militech M-179 Achilles is an exotic Assault Rifle that is incapable of Autofire and
    Suppressive Fire and acts as a Tech Weapon. The M-179 Achilles has a 9 shot capacity that
    cannot be upgraded and a Sniping Scope. Charging this weapon ablates armor by 4 instead
    of 1 whenever it would normally ablate. This weapon can only fire unique Flechette rounds
    that ablate armor by 2 instead of 1 when it's not charged.

    I already created the unique ammo with the bonusablation effect and now i am trying to automate the other special rules when using a charged shot:
    3 ammo consumption,+1d6 damage, +1 ablate for the pistol
    +2 ablate for the rifle

    Is there a possibility to do that with the ruleset?

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    Here, I converted them for you. The approach might not be exactly what is expected, but that's because it appears we don't allow exactly duplicate effects when ammo and weapons both have effects.

    So here's what I did:
    • I created the weapons with 2 effects, a charge mode and a not charged mode. Only one of these should be active at a time (they can be controlled via the actions tab). The charged mode for the rifle is slightly different than the one for the pistol per your description. If I did that wrong, you should be able to copy the charged effect from the pistol and tweak it as needed.
    • I removed the effects from the ammo, while the intuitive way would be to have the ablation stack with the weapon ablation, see my note above. It would stack if the ablation between ammo and the weapon were different, but not the same...which might be a bug on our part.

    just drop the attached file into your modules folder, and it should appear in your modules in fgu. If you don't want an extra module, just copy the weapons from the module (drag and drop them into the items table) and delete the module from your file system
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    Thanks, works like a charm.
    Now is to hope that my players are happy with them. But first they have to steal them.

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