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    Quote Originally Posted by Trenloe View Post
    I've just checked this and the players don't need to create a new account or login to Syrinscape. The GM should share the invite with the players in chat, and the players should click on that link. In the browser that opens, they should click the big "Start" button. They should not click on "New Game" in the top right - this will ask for a login. So, I'm guessing that's what the players are doing - clicking on "New Game", ask them not to.
    User error is always a possibility and I will check into that, screen share can be an amazing thing. However, there are two factors that made me suspect a link between FGU and Syrinscape.

    1 - One of the users is my wife and I was able to run downstairs and watch her process. She was correctly going thru the steps and using the big green "click to start" button.

    2 - This started happening after the last big update (last week I think) and it is affecting users who, prior to the update, had no issue at all. I have to assume (dangerous) that all of them did not suddenly forget the process.

    All that being said, I will go back to testing and also hit up Syrinscape to see what, if any, changes they may have made.

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    Maybe provide a few screenshots showing the steps your wife takes to connect?

    Also check that the app reference ID in the URL on your side (the GM) and the player is the same - the whole URL won't be the same but there is a long reference ID within the URL that ties the player Syrinscape session to the GM session. Make sure these are the same.
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    This problem is happening again. When I generate the URL then share the URL, it launches in Chrome to the player page, but the long URL appears briefly then gets shortened to https://app.syrinscape.com/player/ so it is no longer unique to the game and no audio will occur.
    This isn't a user error case since these are the same steps that have worked repeatedly in the past.

    UPDATE: After 5 URL generations, I was able to get one to stick and actually work.
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    This is best reported on the Syrinscape forums; since their website application is the one redirecting the links.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    This is best reported on the Syrinscape forums; since their website application is the one redirecting the links.

    Will do

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