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Ah, okay, good to know.

Unfortunately walking my players through switching back and forth between channels has historically proven to be fraught with issues, so I've just stayed on test to save myself that trouble. I should probably get everything switched back to live, but I also like being available to catch issues when things are being tested; feels like doing my part to support the community.

Still, if it's going to be a hassle for you guys then that defeats the purpose and I should just get everything switched back over to live.
In the end, if you're using test please remember to say you're using test - and if it's base FG functionality, post in the test channel sub-forum. The thing that's a hassle for us is wasting time trying to recreate issues in live when they're not there. We want people to do tests on the current beta channel - but we don't recommend you use it for your games, unless you're fine experiencing potentially session stopping issues.