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Trenloe! Long time no talk to man.
It's been a while! Hope you're doing well?

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So what I did is I used the base modules for Genesys and then added all the material from there (skill descriptions, talent descriptions and so on), exported them and then started a new campaign and on my end, I can see everything. My players can't though. But what's interesting that I just learned is that if I drop items or talents onto their sheets, they can see the descriptions. But if I delete a skill from their sheet and then drag that same skill back onto their sheet, it goes back to the base of "see genesys core rulebook blah blah"
This sounds like there's a mix of the base module and the custom module you've created being active at the same time. For your skill example, the link in the skills tab of the character sheet is not hard coded to the skill you dragged in, there's code behind that searches the available skills data (shared records, open modules, etc.) to find a record to open when you click the link - if it shows one of the base records then that module is also open.

So, make sure that both you (the GM) and the players only have the modules open that they need. If those modules have records of the same name, then they'll need to be extra careful in adding the correct one to their character sheet.