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    LFP Need 4-5 Players bi-weekly Thu Night UTC 1930 EU 5E Out of the Abyss

    FG License: GM has Ultimate so players need at least Demo
    Game System: D&D 5E

    Time Zone: DM is located in Germany, times are given/set in 'UTC.
    bi-weekly, Thursdays 1930 UTC Session Zero to take place on Aug 31st

    Planned Duration & Frequency: i.e. 3-4 hour sessions, every other week, once a month.
    Term: Long term - the campaign is written for Lvls 1-15

    Text or Voice: Voice using Discord, with dedicated text channels for inter-session discussions, scheduling using sesh... no camera needed, no streams planned
    Main Language used: English spoken or written
    Roleplay & Combat mix: WotC module, so probably 50% Combat - 25% Exploration/Survival - 25% Social
    Number of Players in game & needed: Have 1 player, need 3-4 more
    Character starting level & equipment: Lvl 1 with stNDrd equipment from class/background
    Character restrictions: i.e. Only core races and classes, or non-Magic world, etc.

    The DM already owns numerous modules with homebrew races, subclasses &c. if you own a module that he could use, he is always open for suggestions.
    Examples of the modules already are available: College of Emo, College of HeavyMetal, Circle of the Circus, Oath of the Eldritch Knight...

    Details of your scenario: the characters start out as slaves, having recently missed being caught by slave hunters and put into a holding encampment, waiting for further transportation towards a major Drow ci. Will they fight or flee or become slaves to the Drow? .

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    I would be interested. That's Thursday afternoon my time. Gives me something to do since my kiddo is back in school now.

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    *taken to DM*
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    Sure. My Discord is ogkronkite Anytime Monday after noon central time, which should be 6 or 7 your time roughly. Yeah, DM'S aren't working for some reason. Let me know if that time works for you.
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    Hi Roach. Do you still have a free slot?
    Obviously session 0 has come and gone but I'm sure I could get up to speed very quickly.
    I'm familiar with 5E and FGU. Happy to play any class/race that would complement the party. I am VERY keen to try Out of the Abyss!
    My Discord name is Zerstoerung.

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    Unfortuntely, the campaign is already quite full...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Roach View Post
    Unfortuntely, the campaign is already quite full...
    Aw, that's a shame! Thanks for letting me know, though! Don't hesitate to contact me should circumstances change. I'll play whatever the party needs.

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