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    new campaign starting

    3 players continuing from last campaign. looking for 1 - 2 more players for new campaign.

    day and time TBA

    contact GM Max here......


    and we will get you set up.

    new players welcome

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    the 3 players that are continuing from previous campaign are looking at a frid./sun./ or monday play day. time still being determined. probably some thing like 7pm est.

    still have 1 or 2 seat open

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    date set for new campaign, home on the range. if interested, click event link for discord invite and further details.


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    campaign venue is the oklahoma panhandle, also known as No Man's Land (1850 - 1890). the characters will all be familiar with a town yet to be named. there will be an old west motiff. american indians repolaced with some thing more appropriate. as you think about your character's background, think gunslingers, memphis belles, the crotchity old geezer, town drunk, sheriff or maybe deputy, outlaw.

    now? should i make the dalton gang super mutants, or ghouls?

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    seat has filled. thanx all.

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