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    Bringing Fire: A company offering GM courses and a digital standards push

    I went to a meet and greet for this company at Gen Con (2023 for you future folk). https://bringingfire.com/

    They had 4 classes on GMing 101, and is taught by a philosophy professor. From what I've heard from others that went, it was very helpful.

    But one of the things I found most interesting is they are attempting to build an interface where GM's and Designers could enter their information, and then their customers could select the module / class / sourcebook what have you and then select it to output to the VTT of their choice.


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    Do you know if they're going to offer support for other VTTs (like FGU) besides Foundry?
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    I think it's pretty cool and the classes seem neat but I don't honestly see much use for the software. I'm already doing all of that in FGU and the tools in their video seem a bit lackluster in my opinion.

    I'm definitely interested in their contemplative GM approach though. I have a therapist friend who uses similar techniques and gives lectures about the topic at a few smaller conventions in the New York/Vermont area.

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    Their intention is to be able to output for everything they can.

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    The software right now is VERY basic. And it's aimed primarily at publishers that their customers want to use different character managers and VTT's.

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