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    Thanks for the extra info. I haven't been able to reproduce yet. I'll do some more checking around D7b. I agree that it is unlikely caused by an extension.

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    Carl on my mouse exception this weekend it was only with a shared image with player tokens on it. Two of my seven players got an error when I shared the map. it was "graphic: unable to load file". It pointed to a module that contained an asset on the map. It was my wife's computer and I looked over and her map looked fine. The console looks like it requested it again and then successfully received it on her machine.

    So I am wondering if the error could be generated by the client and then displayed on the host machine? When I reloaded my campaign it could not reproduce.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Moon Wizard View Post
    Thanks for the report. I'm not able to recreate locally with that module and map; so any steps that you have to reproduce the error would be helpful to look into further.

    It looks from the error message that you were clicking on something when the error occurred. What triggered the event? From there, perhaps we can back into the steps to recreate.

    (Note: It might be related to some unexpected path of behaviors triggered by extensions; but I'd like to recreate first before making that determination and trying to narrow the situation.)

    AFAIK I as the GM wasn't doing anything at the time I was just moving the mouse around and it popped up a few times. I was moving the mouse over the LoS but was never editing it. I may have clicked or not but I was moving the mouse over the LoS when it was happening. I did open the doors for the players. The player did voice up about it at the same time I was getting the error. I'm sure she was clicking around but not adding LoS obviously. Seems unlikely to me that the client and server would have a mouse click event that has that kind of correlation, but I don't know the internals either. Usually, errors are an ext but didn't seem like an extension error.

    I realize this report is rather poor but I figured I'd report it as maybe a eyes on code review would provide some insight. I could have just sat on it since I couldn't reproduce it with or without extensions but that wouldn't help anyone either.

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    As @pindercarl mentioned, it's unlikely to be extension related, but not ruling out completely yet (i.e. certain APIs could trigger less used code paths.)

    Thank you for reporting and the additional information. If we can figure out how to recreate, we'll definitely be able to fix in next build.


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    I've tried several times to reproduce this issue without any success; so there is some step in the process that we are not getting.

    The error seems to be on a mouse button up event while over a door line-of-sight occluder; but this does not occur when I move tokens onto/over (locked or unlocked), draw pointers onto/over, open/close doors, etc.

    Are you seeing this after you reload the campaign?
    Any other information that you can remember about the specific actions/steps that occurred just prior to the first error?


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    I have nothing more to add. If it happens again I'll take an in game timeout and try to get some more information.

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    I appreciate the information, and we'll keep an eye out for this. Any details that you find in the future would be appreciated.

    As I mentioned, once we can recreate, then we can narrow down what causes the issue and solve it pretty quickly.


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