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    Cepheus SRD Ruleset

    The Cepheus Engine SRD is on the Forge!

    Check it out here.

    A corerules module for the Cepheus Engine Ruleset.

    Thanks to VegasErik and Bayne for all your work! Great ruleset and great core rules.

    Here's a brief description of the SRD's content:

    Main module:
    The Cepheus SRD Rules refrence manual.
    The rules, tables, robots, psionics and more
    All the guns, armor, and items from the SRD
    All the vehicles, small craft and ships from the SRD

    Ship Records Module:

    Customize your vehicle with 7 vehicle fittings

    Customize your small craft with 19 small craft fittings

    drag-and-drop from around 100 ship components onto the ship you built with the "build ship" wizard included in the ruleset.

    Tonnage auto calculates when fittings added
    ship weapons automatically added to combat tracker for damage
    create your own custom fittings and use those too

    All the ships, small craft and vehicles from the SRD included with fittings added.
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