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    Is there a way to share a modified Reference Manual?

    So I've painstakingly organized the Structures for Settlements in the Kingmaker 2e, Player's Guide in order to make Kingdom management easier for my players.
    Settlement Struuctures by Level.jpg

    Rather than create a brand new manual, I stapled my entries to the paid module, thinking my players would see the changes when I shared the module.

    That's not been our experience. They are only seeing the original module, no matter the unload/load between me and them, or through host restart.

    Is there any way to share these changes, or am I going to be forced to make a whole new module?

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    Modifications to modules are not shared with players. Though, specific records can be explicitly shared; it’s not a global override. You would need to make your own module export, if you want your players to see something different than the original product.


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    I won't say I'm not disappointed, but thanks for the swift reply, Moon Wizard.

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    I'm going to piggyback off my own thread here to ask for further review.

    I created a new module, populated with all the information I want to put in my players' hands. It looks like this when I load it:
    Host Module.jpg

    My players are not seeing any of that content in the module. They see an empty module.
    Player Module.png

    These are the settings I used to export the module:
    Export Settings.jpg

    It was created in the Pathfinder 2nd Edition ruleset for use in same. Am I doing something wrong? Does this article no longer correctly represent how Reference Manual modules are exported?

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    Did you recreate the module in the Module Builder for the campaign and then export; or are you trying to export your modifications?


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    I recreated it through the Builder after confirming with you that I couldn't update the purchased module.
    Every page consists of a copy-paste of the structure-specific information, a frame bounding that text, and an added picture from my Assets.

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    No idea. You could try posting a zipped up version of the campaign you are using to do this to see if anyone else can see what might be the problem.


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    If you shared your new module, did your players load the module too>?
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    Quote Originally Posted by Laerun View Post
    If you shared your new module, did your players load the module too>?
    Thanks for checking in, Laerun. I did have my player load the module, but it was empty, despite having just exported correctly, as best I could tell. I could even see all the content it was exported with when I hit the Reference Manual link in the module. But, when I tried opening that same module in another campaign it was empty for me, as well.

    Because I felt this module was important enough for my players, I started a whole new campaign and re-entered all the information one more time. Fortunately it worked this time, and all my players have an easy way to dig into the various structures now.

    Kingmaker has so many points of cross-reference, and so many moving parts that the players want to engage with, that I decided the best way to make all this work was to make sure as much important stuff is a breeze to find as possible.
    Kingmaker Dash.jpg

    *By the way, if you are running Kingmaker, I can't recommend Stargrove's Better Stolen Lands Map highly enough! It's available on the Forge!
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