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    BRP Automatic encumbrance penalty calculator extension

    This extension calculates and applies encumbrance penalties according to the 2010 edition of Basic Roleplaying. The rules are found on p. 180 and 261 (p. 182 and 263 in the PDF version).

    The extension uses the following rules:

    • Encumbrance penalty for physical skills: skill penalty per type of armor (if worn), includes all physical skills (including dodge).
    • Encumbrance penalty for the dodge skill: ENC - ENC for worn (equipped) armor, i.e. carried armor does count for dodge penalty.
    • Encumbrance penalty for perception skills: skill penalty per type of armor (if worn).

    Forge Link: https://forge.fantasygrounds.com/shop/items/1253/view

    Version history:
    2023-06-29 Version 1.0 Initial version.
    2023-08-09 Version 1.1 Cleaned up code and fixed a bug: the correct skill category was not selected and as a result the dodge penalty was applied incorrectly.
    2023-08-11 Version 1.2 Gave a name to "campaign/scripts/encumbrance_penalty.lua" so that the roll skill chat command can access its code.
    2023-08-13 Version 1.3 Refactored code so that the BRP Roll Skill extension could co-exist with this extension. Moved campaign/scripts/encumbrance_penalty.lua to scripts/manager_char_encumberance_penalty.lua.

    Source code included below
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