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    I still have (1) seat open for one of my campaigns. Bring a level 3 character or create on the spot. Session cost is $10

    Or get in on the one-shot actions going on most every day except Sunday for $15 per session....choose your own time to play... 9am....1pm .... or 7pm EST.
    If you prefer a specific timeframe, just ask!

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    One seat still open in my Saturday morning 9am weekly campaign! Level 3 characters!

    I have seen 2 European players now, looking for games that I may be able accommodate!
    A West Marches Style (long term Campaign consisting of many interconnected one-shot adventures) is being offered every day, at varying times right now.
    These sessions can be adjusted to suit specific DAY/TIME requests.

    See the links in post #10 of this thread, directly above to see the ads, or just PM me here or in Startplaying!

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    There is still an open seat in my Level 3 weekly Campaign.
    Saturday Mornings at 9am EST.

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    Get in on the one-shot actions going on most every day except Sunday for $12 per session....choose your own time to play... 9am....1pm .... or 7pm EST.
    These time slots allow me to DM areas nearer to GMT.
    If you prefer a specific timeframe, just ask!


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    We still have an open seat in my Saturday Morning Campaign!

    Or...join in on a new campaign!

    Want to play but have another Day or Time you are interested in?
    Let me know!

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    The 3rd Level Campaign welcomed its 5th player!
    Refer to the message above for the link to the open campaign!

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    The Saturday Morning Campaign is off the market. The current players are working well together.
    The West Marches Campaign filled in one swoop! It is now off the market!

    That makes 5 ongoing Campaign! Thank you!

    I will be posting 1 last Campaign for up to 5 players, playing Weekday Evenings, Mon, Tues, Weds or Thurs, cost will be $20 per character per session.

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    I am holding a campaign for individuals who are not quite sure what to play and/or would like to learn.
    It will be a 3 hour session playable weekday evenings, depending on my schedule, beginning at 6 or 7 EST (your choice). The cost will be $20 per session.
    Play a different character each session or re-use a character previously played. Starting level is 1st.
    Different timeframes may be possible depending on my schedule......all you need to do is ask here. Here is the link....


    Remember to reply here, or go to the above link if you have any questions.

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    I am not sure if you ever considered paid DM's but I am one and offering 1 hour "test" sessions on Startplaying.games.
    These sessions are offered 2 per evening and 2 of which are being offered tonight and tomorrow night. Here is a link

    These are free, using pre-gens. I am using them to recruit another party for a long term campaign. Take a look?

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