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    Hi, I'm looking to join a game as a player. I've made a few characters and enjoy making them so happy to fill any role needed. I'm free Monday and Tuesday evenings from around 9pm UK time.

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    damn, would love to have ya join ours, but we are at 6 ATM. i do run 1 shots now and then. if you like, i can pass you a discord server invite. more than welcome to join us, listen in, participate in 1 shots, if a player drops you can be 1st in line to take the seat.

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    Yea that sounds good! Thanks. I've been GMing a game with a couple of friends but the game sessions seem to have dwindled 😞

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    well, you are in luck, a player has left. we are playing in 5hrs. i am online if you wish to join and create chharacter.

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    That's 1am here... that's a bit of a late start. 😞

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    ah, bummer. i got 1 player in austrailia, and another in UK, thought you might be one of the "exceptions" too. :-)

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    new campaign starting. click event link for details, or contact gm max.

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