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    Having Problems With Image Copies

    I am trying to make a map using a random dungeon software and I keep running into a problem. The problem is that I will put the image into the image folder and it comes up very nicely. It makes a perfect 20 x 20 grid. However, when I try and make a copy so I can have a play map and a GM map it is always really small. It is the exact same image size and resolution. Any suggestions?

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    Maybe one image is "zoomed" or maybe the images are not really the same resolution. What are you using to copy the image? Are you just copy and renaming it? Have you opened both copies in an art program like MS Paint and seen they really are the same size?

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    I've tried it multiple ways. The first time I opened it with MS paint and got rid of the markers for the secret doors and then saved it under a new name. That didn't work out well so I tried to copy the original file and rename it and then change that file, but again that didn't work. I've tried copying the file and not changing it at all and it is still small. The wierd thing is whichever I name GM Map is the right size and whichever I name player map is the wrong size. If I just have one map it doesn't matter what it's named, it works fine, but as soon as I have two one of them doesn't work. Right now I ma just usng the play map and keeping notes on stuff like concealed doors, which is what I might have to do always, but I ways just wondering if this happened to anyone else and if they had fixed it.

    This is when they are both zoomed out to their max.

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    If you are comfortable with reading XML/code, you can check in the db.xml and CampaignRegistry.lua files. FG2 uses those files to store information on the campaign.

    db.xml contains the list of all images under the <images> section. This is where you can determine what ID is assigned to each map.

    CampaignRegistry.lua contains the memory of the last position of each window. (and maybe the zoom?) You can either remove the whole imagewindow section, or just remove the specific tag sections for those maps.

    This should reset any memory of the image states.


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