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    modest items missing in C&T2 RMC

    seems that modest items are forgotten in the random item list of C&TII tables? Also if you roll an special spell bonus item (99) for example a staff which is light, you will not get the spell bonus?


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    Thanks for the heads up. Modest Items are now added to the Auto Generated Treasure System.

    As for your question on "Special" items. In Table 14-09 entry 99 and 100 will show Special. Then roll on Table 14-09 for the item type. Then roll on Table 14-10 for any special abilities. In Table 14-10, a roll of 1 thru 50 will return '-' which means no special ability. This means that the GM is free to come up with his own ability(s) since the original roll from Table 14-09 came back with 'Special'. If Table 14-10 rolled '100' the table would have returned a 'Special' then the GM is free to create their own "Double Special" item (i'd suggest something that could save or destroy reality as we know it �� ). Let me know if this makes sense.

    If this isn't what you are asking about please give me the Table Number(s) and Roll Number(s) that you need clarification on.


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