FG License: GM has Unlimited License Fantasy Grounds Unity so players don't need a paid license
Game System: D&D 5E (up to Tasha's)

Time Zone: Central Time
Day of week and time: Saturdays starting at 11am - 3pm Central
Planned Duration & Frequency: 4 Hour session 11am-3pm Central every Saturday
Term: Longer term, we are doing a Gygax themed campaign - started with Keep on the Borderlands and just finished Temple of Elemental Evil, we are now starting Against the Giants. Expect to take the party up to level 15ish

Text or Voice: Voice via Zoom/Discord
Voice software used: Using Zoom till July, then switching to Discord. No cost to use Zoom.
Will this be recorded and/or live streamed? No recording.

Roleplay, Exploration, Combat mix: 33%/33%/33% is the goal. It depends on where you are at in the campaigns.
Number of Players in game & needed: We have 5 players looking for 1-2 more players.
Character starting level & equipment: Starting level 9, 500 gp + 1 rare major item and 1 uncommon minor item from Xanathar's chapter 2: Magic Item Tables
Character restrictions: i.e. PHB, Elemental Evil + Mord's, no races from the Magic the Gathering settings.

Details of your scenario: We've got a mix of experienced players. We are doing a Gygax campaign, started with Keep on the Borderlands (players town was destroyed by an evil priest) then they found out the priest was tied to the Temple of Elemental Evil to the north. The party just beat Zugtmoy, and are starting the Steading of the Hill Giant. The party missed a few things, and haven't quite destroyed the golden skull so when they came out of the Temple, the local area has been overrun by the Giants and they got a timewarp 5 years later. The party currently did find the gnomes of Gniesevale and are helping the town get their youths out of the steading of the hill giant in the ruins of Hommlet.

Send me an IM here and we'll chat on discord and see if we are a good fit. Have a good week gaming.