System: AD&D 1e/2e
Fantasy Grounds Version: FGU Ultimate
Genre: Political Intrigue/Mystery/Thriller Dramatic Action
When: Wednesday 6/21/2023 9PM-11:59PM ET (GMT-4) Quad Weekly
Duration: Open World Ongoing Multi-Story Arc
Fee: $45 USD Credit Card / $40.50 USD Cryptocurrency

Story: You leave your mundane but comfortable life to become a mercenary for the largest guild in Faerūn’s greatest Mageocracy. Your first task as a mercenary is to escort cargo on a ship to Unther, but that is just a cover story. In Unther you will disembark and perform an on the ground search for ancient sites that may have magic and other secrets your guild will pay handsomely for. You learn that Lauzoril, Zulkir of Enchantment, will pay the guild (and you) extra if, during your exploratory travels, you discreetly assist the slave class in their uprising against the god king Gilgeam. You may find allies in the Molhorandi clergy or even the Church of Tiamat who the populace looks to as goodly deities compared to the oppressive god king. There are 10 major government and religious factions with dozens more minor ones to ally with or play against each other while conducting your archaeological exploration mission. Prepare to go beyond swords and sorcery to the ultimate game of cloak and dagger.

About Us: The Corporate DM specializes in adventure in the FORGOTTEN REALMS® that goes beyond dungeon delving into empire building.

To sign up for the adventure or if you have questions PM us through the Fantasy Grounds forums.