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    Lua - what is the “base” version used by FGU

    I recall in the old days of the (brownish web page) Developer page on “scripting” subject there was a discussion of the differences in the FGC sandbox and which lobs/functionality was not allowed for security etc. On that page the specific version of Lua it was based on was listed. Don’t recall now which it was.

    That same thing is found in the new dev documentation on a similar page but this time no mention of Lua. Resigns. I haven’t recently looked but I assume if I grabbed the latest free book it might be off more by now if the language has grown in last couple years.

    Which version out there is best to use as instructional assuming one can pick which one to read equally?

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    FG uses Lua v5.1. You can find the Lua language manual online here:


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