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    Looking for a game to play in.

    Hey, I am mostly looking for a starting up ongoing campaign or one already started that would have room for another dedicated player. My times are pretty flexible so send me a message if you think you will or do need new players for your campaign/game.

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    Now I feel like I wasted my money cause it never seems any games are going on =(

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    Well there are actually a lot of posts here about games opening and filling up. I think you will find you will need to contact the GM as opposed to waiting for them to contact you as the demand is high. I know as a GM when I post a game I only deal with responses in PM or the posted thread as that is the most efficient use of my time.

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    Well, you had a spot in my game, but you quit after one session.

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    Ya, I agree. If you wanna play a game, go ahead and PM the Game Masters. If you wanna GM then put your game on the calendar. Trying to raise interests in the forum, like what you did on your WFRP forum isn't gonna get you anywhere.

    Also, another problem is that there isn't enough GM out there but so many players (just like the real world ). So if you're willing to GM, there's more chance you'll get a game going. In fact, there'll be so many players interested that you can pick and choose who you want! I hope this helps.

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    Quote Originally Posted by calvinNhobbes
    Well, you had a spot in my game, but you quit after one session.
    You also had a spot in my game and left after character creation.

    That's fine to figure out what game is right for you, but not sure how you can justify that "there are never any games going on" when you've already been invited to and dropped out of at least two.

    There just aren't many WFRP games going on, which is what you really want to play.

    I agree with the others, if you are willing to GM you can play WFRP any time you want and will have to beat players off with a stick. If you don't want to GM, well, in the WFRP thread there are a few others who said they are willing - sounds like you just need to be a little patient, maybe help them organize.
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