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    Multiple filters on Windowlist

    Hi there, I'm looking for a way to use multiple filters on a Windowlist. I have a set of Windowlist objects using the same database source for all of them and applying a filter to display per Windowlist the relevant skills, i.e. Windowlist 1 shows all skills with group control value "social", Windowlist 2 shows all with "nature"...

    <!-- <filter control="filter_group_social" /> -->
    <!-- <filteron control="group" /> -->
    In addition I want to have a search bar used to filter on control "name". If the user is looking for skill "Talent", all skills with a name not matching should be hidden.

    <!-- <filter control="skillfilter" /> -->
    <!-- <filteron control="name" /> -->
    I can filter easily using either the group filter or the name filter, but I haven't figured out an elegant way of applying both filters simultaneously. As I can see from the speel reference window in 5E, it should be douable but I didn't find the code how this is accomplished.

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    You would have to implement your own "onFilter" function on the windowlist control to support multiple filters.


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