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    Immersive Story based Campaign $20 per 3-4 hour session.

    Hello Everyone! My name is Dave and I've been a DM consistantly since 2013. I've hosted games both in person and online running DND 5e and Savage Worlds. I generally write my own custom campaigns and appreciate player input. My campaigns are run thru FGU.
    I enjoy stories. I like the players to feel like they're a part of the world, what they do matters, and presenting choices with consequenses. Immersion is important, and sometimes to bring it about I do get gritty. A villian is a villian for a reason, nothing he/she does is to make friends but, to cause strife and disruption. There's nothing I enjoy more then to hear " I really don't like that NPC/Villian we can't wait to take them out".
    Combat is great, and I dig players slicing and dicing their way to take down their foe but, using other skills besides a longsword can also be just as gratifying. I like to create homebrewed worlds, Players can describe to me what their hometown was like, it's name, it's belief system and I implement that into the creation. Backstories are needed. They allow me to tap into that character and evolve their history into the campaign.
    My Session Zero will be this: Character creation, backstory, hometown name etc., and what drives each player so I could incorporate that and begin our journey. We will also discuss what we are not comfortable with so I do not cross boundries and offend anyone.
    The link below takes you to my booking page. It is $20 per player for 3-4 hours. I use FGU and have all the books neccessary for players so you just need either free version or basic license if you already have it. The link goes to my StartPlayingGames page which gives more information about me and the campaign.

    Thanks for checking it out,

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