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    Compiled FG Effects for the Community

    I was working on compiling a list of effects that function in FG for 13th Age. I couldn't find any definitive answers to how effects function, so I made a list for myself. I figured I'd share that list here to help benefit anyone and also provide folks a place to start compiling these if I'm missing any.

    Example Modifier Result
    AC: 1 Increases AC by 1
    PD: 1 Increase PD by 1
    MD: 1 Increase MD by 1
    DEF: 3 Increase AC, PD, MD by 3
    SAVE: 2 Increase a Save rolled from the Combat page by 2
    INIT: 5 Increases Initiative by 5
    ATK: 2 Increases Attack rolls from weapons or from the Attacks section by 2
    ATK: 2, melee/ranged Increases Attack rolls from melee or ranged weapons or from the Attacks section by 2
    DMG: 2 Increases Damage rolls from weapons by 2
    DMG: 2d8 Rolls 2d8 and adds it to the damage roll.
    DMG: 2, melee/ranged Increases Damage rolls from melee or ranged weapons by 2
    DMGW: 4 Adds 4 additional damage dice of the weapon's damage die, eg. 1d8 battle axe would roll 5d8.
    DMGO: 5 acid Deals 5 damage at the end of the targeted creature's turn, also automatically rolls a Normal Save after.
    Duration can be changed to EASY or HARD save on the Spell/Ability Effect Window.
    ABIL: 2 dexterity Increases a dexterity check rolled from the Main tab by 2, but not any skill checks made using any Backgrounds on the Background tab of the matching ability
    SKILL: 2 hermit Increases a check by 2 made using a background named 'hermit'

    PC Sheet Power Calculations
    When applying effects from PC sheet powers, bracketed ability tags ([STR],[DEX],...) can be added to the modifier dice and numerical portion to adjust by current PC attribute modifiers. The ability tags can be set to negative ([-INT]), half ([HWIS]) or double ([2CHA]).

    There doesn't appear to be a way to leverage the Escalation Die

    All conditions that modify numbers rolled function as stated in the rules except Vulnerable. There doesn't appear to be any way to improve critical range.

    I had seen mentioned a few times in the forums that 13th Age FG ruleset was spun off of the D&D 4E one, so I pulled these directly from there and then tested in the app to make sure they applied as expected.

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    The effects should mirror the 4E effects wiki.


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    Yeah, that's where I pulled these from. I couldn't get ABIL and SKILL to work using the 4E reference book right away, and had to poke around with it to figure them both out which is why I thought I'd share this.
    Namely, that ABIL doesn't affect Skill checks made from the Backgrounds tab, and that SKILL will work on your custom Backgrounds if you match the spelling (which is really cool ). 13th Age also doesn't use FORT and WILL any more like 4E does, so it already differs a little now since after it first released.

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