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    I've pushed the hot fixes. Please run a new Check for Updates.

    I will be working with @bayne7400 to standardize those frames, so that they work with all the themes.


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    Quote Originally Posted by bayne7400 View Post
    Go look on the notes tab. It has a spot for size, advantage and competence.

    Just setting up NPCs, but on my Notes tab of NPC card, it is essentially a blank notepad? I don't see any "spot for size, advantage and competence"? I am no doubt missing something, but...

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    Let me check on this when I get home. I'm betting when we redid how the sidebar records look I missed this. I'll get it updated this week if it is required.

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    I submitted the fix. It may take a day or so for it to go live. It will show up in the patch notes as an update to Barbarians of Lemuria ruleset.

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    Okay, Maneuvers seems to be broken by something. When I am looking at a maneuver, it looks like the Quality is stacked on top of the Ability, because the title words (Ability/Quality) are definitely stacked on top of each other.
    Prior, I used to see 5 blocks. TYPE of action; QUALITY; ATTRIBUTE; vs two FIELDS for Defense. Now, I only see four, with me being able to set the TYPE of maneuver and the QUALITY of the maneuver.

    Also, and this is a monor request, can you change the label on the PC Character Sheet from "Attributes" to "Qualities"? This is just to match the terminology of the ruleset.

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    Ahhh, I'm sorry. I wasn't clear. I wasn't talking about the Maneuvers listed on the Character Sheet. I was talking about the Maneuvers listed on the left drop down, under "Characters". Below Boons, Careers, and Flaws; but above Origins, and Spells.

    This is what I see

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    I'll see if I can get the time to fix this a week from Tuesday update. I was working on FG stuff all this morning, it is unfortunate.

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