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    Sound Patterns for Triggers

    I looks like you can only trigger from the results line of chat output - (in Savage Worlds at least) the attack rolls dice results (with mods from the attacker) are one line of text output and then the calculation vs target and the result Hit or Miss etc., are on a second line of text. This makes triggers only work for the last line in chat - it would be nice if you could with Regex have it parse both lines so when Lady Hellea hits with her Psi-Fist, it outputs a specific sound just for her.


    EDIT: 2 screenshots, the one in the Attached Images box is no.1
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    All triggers are chat based on a single chat entry. Presets for hit/miss/etc. have to be built by each ruleset author. I already built the ones that use the same chat format as D&D.


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    I have been playing this for a bit.

    In 5e sounds only play for me if the cast button is depressed for a spell. No sound is applied for the application of an effect.

    Guideance for example won;t play a sound as its only an affect.

    Also haste won't work at the spell word is hasten no haste.

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