A fast-paced, action-packed adventure with an emphasis on exploration and puzzle solving.

Escape from Undergarden is now available as a Fantasy Grounds module.

The module includes all maps with full line-of-sight and lighting already included, with encounters, parcels, images and tables all supplied. It is a complete conversion of JVC Parry's brilliant new adventure.

Escape from Undergarden is a fantastic adventure for 5th edition, set in the small village of Therral which is mobbed by hunters searching for the goldenhart. Meanwhile, the characters are on a quest to find the missing Galant sister, who has got into trouble with the Deep Root Ring, a group of fanatical druids pushing back against the encroachment of the hunters.

What the characters discover is that Mirrin Galant has been thrown into the magical prison of the druids, a place named Undergarden which is filled with fey magic and whimsy. Unfortunately, the enchanted forest is as deadly as it is beautiful, and the characters must use all their wits to survive, find Mirrin, and escape.

Escape from Undergarden was written by JVC Parry with Benoit de Bernardy. It is a tier 2 adventure which takes characters from 5th to 8th level, featuring amazing artwork from Raluca Marinescu, Zuzanna Wuzyk, and Kim van Deun with graphic design by Julia King. It is over 50 pages long, filled with custom artwork and maps, and a unique and inspiring adventure - and is now available for Fantasy Grounds!

You can find Escape from Undergarden here: DriveThruRPG Link