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    [Paid][LFP][5e][Saturdays] The Rise & Fall of Vecna - A D&D 5e Saga (levels 1-20)

    FG License Type: Ultimate
    Game System: D&D 5th Edition
    Day of week and time: Every other Saturday at 3:00pm CST
    Term: Paid, $25 per player, per session
    Voice software used: Discord

    Imagine a world where Tiamat was summoned successfully. Where the Princes of Elemental Evil tread unfettered. Where Demogorgon prowls the Underdark with the Wand of Orcus, leaving an army of undead in his wake. Where the storm giants have been cast to the bottom of the Ordning. Where Baldur's Gate has been banished to the Nine Hells. . . .

    Imagine a world where good has lost and evil prevailed.

    The Sword Coast has been divvied up by the Zhentarim, the mountain giants of Grudd Haug, the Cult of the Dragon, and many other sinister factions. But above them all looms the Archlich Vecna, who has orchestrated or exploited a series of ever-escalating calamities to conquer the very Realms themselves.

    Will you rise to the challenge? Or, will you too, fall before the might of Vecna?

    For those brave enough to play Rise & Fall of Vecna in its entirety they can expect to:

    ⦿ Exterminate a gang of mephits amidst the streets of Mirabar!
    ⦿ Take a nightmarish trek through an underground highway haunted by the fiendish Dem'ghot'nec, He Who Wears the Flesh of the Dead!
    ⦿ Make a cross-continental journey along the Sword Coast, witnessing firsthand the ravages of a world without heroes!
    ⦿ Race through the streets of Helm's Hold in an infernal vehicle, before facing off against the dread purple worm, Gigantus!
    ⦿ Assault a tribe of slime-worshipping bullywugs laired within Thornhold, before braving the keep's trap-riddled catacombs in hopes of making an unlikely ally!
    ⦿ Infiltrate Grudd Haug, the mountain giant capital, to steal a magical conchshell from the monstrous Chief Guh!
    ⦿ Battle the infamous Krakolich amidst the ruins of the Maelstrom, with the fate of the Realms hanging in the balance!
    ⦿ Embark upon an impossible mission to break into the impregnable Hosttower of the Arcane!
    ⦿Traverse the dread domains of Ravenloft in search of Vecna’s darkest secrets!
    ⦿ Descend into an undersea chasm within the Scarlet Marpenoth to battle Urthuyn, an ancient kraken!
    ⦿ Hijack the adamantine titan known as the Vonindod!
    ⦿ Ally with the Mad Mage of Undermountain!
    ⦿ Rescue the missing Bruenor Battlehammer from the Elemental Plane of Earth!
    ⦿ Smuggle themselves into Skullport, sneak into Waterdeep, and battle the archlich Vecna before his impending apotheosis and the consequent destruction of the Realms!

    Game Link: https://startplaying.games/adventure...0k08mcf22y1jp1

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    Game is now full!!!

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