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    Getting an error in savage worlds

    Not knowing what this mmeans but i keep getting this error

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    Quote Originally Posted by jikito
    Not knowing what this mmeans but i keep getting this error

    Though its hard to see the error - I _think_ its related to not having any number in the Bennies field. This is something I myself have not seen since Beta testing.

    I'll pass this along to our coder - he might have a better idea on what could be causing it.
    Vincent Kingston
    [email protected]

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    In retracing my steps i was moving character sheet to combat tracker, character sheet had bennies in them.

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    Did the sheet of the person you were dragging ever click on the skills tab? The line the error is happening on is when it is scanning the edges to see if there is a level headed or improved level headed edge. The only way I know that the error could maybe happen is if the edge node had never been created which would mean the sheet had never clicked on the skills tab at all.

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    as far as i know the cheet was fully created and filled out the night before. we had just had the error before and suddenly we couldnt use the chat box. so i rebooted the server and was just getting everything set up again.. Joachim and Audina, (( my players )) went afk while i was setting up the combat tracker. all i did was drag the icon over..

    as far as I know, noone was selecting skills tab.
    but then I have also been known to be a complete dummy with this stuff.

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