Greetings Adventurers! Gather round for a story, what story you ask - why yours! Starting a couple new campains and have room for 1-2 players in each of these games:
Game: Journey in the Jungle: Tomb of Annihilation
System: 5E D&D
Day/Time: Monday @ 7pm Eastern US time
About: Death is broken. That which was once dead walks again, and those who have escaped death's clutches are rotting from within as a mysterious ailment drags them back to the grave. The magic of resurrection fails to return any from beyond, even their spirit cannot be contacted. All signs point to the Jungles of Chult, a recently re-discovered land teeming with strange plants, creatures, and customs. Many treasure hunters and adventures flock to Port Nyanzaru to explore the new land will you be among them and search for what has broken the cycle of death? Session 1 May 22nd.
Price: $15/session Signup Link:
Game: Dragonlance - Shadow of the Dragon Queen
System: 5E D&D Day/Time: 2nd/4th Saturday @ 7pm Eastern US time
About: Heroes of Kyrnn! Your awaited time has come. Shadows of the Dragon Queen introduces the Dragonlance setting into 5th edition ruleset. Have you been waiting to answer the call and fight the draconian forces of Takhisis? It is time to stand up to the tyranny and conquest. Characters will be made using rules for Dragonlance characters found in the book, no Ravnica, Eberon, or Mysthunters content, UA and homebrew will be reviewed before use in-game.
Price: $15/session
Signup Link:
Happy Adventuring All!
*First time users of StartPlaying can get a $10 credit using this link to signup: - StartPlaying is used for both scheduling and payment processing.