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    DnD starved...

    Okay, I've been thinking of picking this up. I'm an experienced 1st ed player, been playing since i was about 7 or 8 so almost 22-3 years now. I own a crapton of 1st and 2nd ed books, and the basics for 3e, but sadly i haven't played much of that. The last campaign i was in ran on every Saturday, from about 11 am till 1 or 2 am sunday morning, out in a garage, even in winter.

    So will this program support the 1se ed rules et or is it strictly 3/3.5e?

    Either way i AM looking to join a game, preferably still low enough level i could start out at 1 and work my way up from there. I CAN role play, but i don't take it intensely seriously, and i have an absolute hatred for people who use "Player Knowledge", of things THEY know but their character doesn't for their benefit.
    I have virtually NO DMing experience though, so i wont be attempting to run anything anytime soon.

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    I understand there are people playing 1st and 2nd edition using their own custom rulesets. The program is really not a 'game', as such it is adaptable to any scenario where you roll dice and share maps. The biggest part of the 'customized' ruleset is making a character sheet that automates some of the available numbers for the game in question.

    My guess is that if you do some nosing around you can certainly find or start ar group you like. Immediately, its easier to find a game using the default D20 rule set or one of the rulesets from Digital Adventures. ( They have a rule set for Castles and Cruesades that has a similar feel to 'old school' d&d.

    There are certainly people on the boards who can point you to some 1st or 2nd ed. games. I'm just not one of them .

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    It's not like i shun 3e or anything, i was just wondering if 1e were compatible. It just seems that 1e was all about fairly regular dudes striking out on their own as a group (that makes sense right XD?) and having to endure the trials and tribulations of the lifestyle. Death could come swiftly and suddenly, as one would expect from that dangerous of a living.

    From all the 3e games i've played, it seems to be all about being some epic badass who can wade through hordes of enemies w/o a scratch, and very little actual dungeon play. I mean that's fine if thats who you are and how you play, but maybe i'm more RP than i give myself credit for. I've just always saw complete and total justification in the whole "Let the dice fall as they may" form of character creation, having to decide how you will play based on how you were "born" instead of picking and choosing where you put all your stats to maximize your combat capabilities.

    If there ARE any DM's running a fairly strict game like that, gimmie a shout, i'd love a chance to try it out.

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    Hmm. I think you were not running in very typical 3.x games, really. I've been playing D&D since the mid '70s and 3.x is by far the most lethal version of the game.

    However, in answer to you question - FG is really a tabletop simulator with dice, a battlemap, tokens for the battle map and a chat interface. Even without a special ruleset it is pretty trivial to run any version of D&D. There are actually people who have made rulesets for other editions of D&D to make it even easier on themselves. There is also the C&C ruleset sold by Digital Adventures. C&C is really AD&D that uses D&D 3.x rules for AC, Saves and to hits.

    Nobody has mentioned it to you yet but you will get a better response if let people know what time you can play or what time zone you are in. IE If I did have an opening in one of the games I run (I don't right now) I have no idea if you could play during the times I run.

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    I recommend Castles and Crusades as well - all of your old stuff will work seemlessly with it and the ruleset has everything you need to play in FG2.
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    Okay, I'm in Florida/Eastern timezone. I can play Friday evenings, from about 6PM on untill w/e, also all day Saturday or Sunday is good, but not both the same week as one of those days is dedicated to the necessary cleaning/laundry related crap.

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