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    effect for advantage for dice

    im in a game that has mythic re rolls. what is the effect for advantage for save, attack and skill or general all rolls by the with those rolls.
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    There is no specific support for mythic rules in the PF1 ruleset; and there is no specific rules for advantage-style rolls in the base PF1 core rules. So, there is no effect to do that.

    I'm not sure if any of the community developers have made anything like that, but you could search the FG Forge.


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    Indeed, I added advantage effects in my extension "Extended automation"

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    I am also GMing with mythic rules and keladvantage from kelrugem's extension is the bread and butter of my players!

    There was once a mythic extension that supported hard to kill and other mythic abilities but it has not been maintained sadly and is making errors while loading it.

    I would like to see mythic surge automation before seeing the result if the player still has an immediate action and mythic points left, but that may be a wild dream.

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