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    Unhappy I just got Pathfinder 1e for my group and something isn't right

    Why does it seem that the books are not populating properly? Class and Race abilities, traits, and many more are not populating. I have had to go to my physical books to make sure of abilities, feats, traits, and other PC items to add and even then, the added items don't seem to populate correctly using the in program FG coding for assets.
    Are the Pathfinder 1e core books and modules broken almost to the point of being unable to play the game in FG?

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    Hi RavenSaint

    I dont play Pathfinder 1. Every ruleset does do things somewhat differently and with different levels of automation. The first thing to check will be to make sure you have loaded the new stuff.


    Assuming you bought the Pathfinder Core Rules then they should appear in here.

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    the books should at least make all the links and text boxes for all the races, classes, feats, spells and items should create things but theres little to no extra automation after that.

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    There are abilities and racial traits, as well as quite a few class features completely missing. I couldn't find a way to parse the missing stuff to get it to work or at least jury rig the missing bits enough to make up for the lacks in the coding. I did find a few things, but the parsing, and the coding I tried making to get the effects to work didn't take. Like one player was taking Oracle and chose Wind Mystery. I found the Revelations for the Mystery, but I ended up having to code in the effects they gave. The Catfolk traits, were not even in any of the Character menus that I could find. I used the search for them and nothing would come up. I had to code in claws, and the Sneak attack from a trait wouldn't stick because the Character was not a rogue. Another player needed feats that his character got automatically because of racial Special Abilities. Nothing came up again when searching for the abilities. I wish I could go in and code up the stuff more than I can with the FG basics, if I could.

    My players wanted to play Pathfinder 1e. We tried 2e, because I accidently got that instead of 1e like I meant to get. Is it possible that a lot of what isn't working properly or is missing, involves not using the more popular game systems? Like 3.5
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    Ah, yea there is no automation on ANY abilities or class features. Spells may or may not have the correct parsing. you can get player-made modules for all the books that have the basic information, but not the automation you are probably for. as for the catfolk, the basic catfolk is in race guide if you have it loaded. the alternate features are in the special abilities when searched for. again there is no automation for it. you will have to code everything. or update things.

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    To confirm, you'll only have pre-made Races, Feats, and Special Abilities from modules that you've purchased on FGU and are loaded into the campaign. I can't speak specifically without knowing which modules you're running into issues with, but each one that I've purchased has come with those pre-made FGU links that I could drag onto characters. If you cant find those abilities make sure the modules are loaded.
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    The Pathfinder 1e system should have the class features, abilities, etc. available if you have the original product they appeared in activated in the campaign.

    The level of automation and character creation guidance in the PF1 ruleset isn't anywhere near the level of the PF2 ruleset. There's a small amount of selection windows that appear during initial character generation when certain records are drag/dropped to the character sheet (e.g. race ability selection if appropriate, favored class selection and bonus), but it's quite limited. The rest you are required to review the racial traits and abilities added to the character sheet "Abilities" tab and carry out any extra options - for example, a wizard needs to select an arcane school; these are available in the "Special Abilities" section from the sidebar with Type = Arcane School - decide on the one you wish and drag/drop to your character sheet and then perform any additional operations you need.

    • Skill ranks need to be applied manually.
    • Spells get drag/dropped from the campaign list to the relevant level in the spell class entry in the Actions tab. FG will attempt to parse the actions from the spell description but this can be hit or miss.
    • Feats get drag/dropped from the campaign "Feats" list to the Abilities -> Feats section of the character sheet.

    Basically, most of the data is for reference in the character sheet and then the player will need to review the data and decide on what additions they need to add to the character sheet and additional automation they may want to add.

    If you have a specific example of data not populating, please provide steps to reproduce - including details of which modules you have activated in the campaign. Screenshots can help a lot in showing what issues you're experiencing.
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    Raven Saint. our group does PF1e and we use a lot of extensions that make it play and automate quite well. there is a link in my signature to a google sheet listing all the Mods and extensions we have tried. I also checked what IMO is almost a requirement if automation is important to you.

    Look at the mod section as Dllewell (and a few others) have made "books" for automating things like spells, race and class...

    Also my Discord is list there as well. feel free to reach out there or here if there is anything I can help with.

    and I have not found the PF1e books to be buggy at all, just not automated.
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