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    Landing Page

    Hi all

    As you may know, many DMs set up a landing page for their players; that is basically the first thing a player sees when they join a game and can look and maybe even interact with while waiting until the game starts I thought I try something similar in FG.

    To do so, I create an image acting as a landing page for my campaign; of course this image has to be shared. In order to make my players aware of the landing page I use the Message of the Day feature to link this image in the pop-up my players automatically get when joining (we play in German, so the texts you will see in the images are in German)

    They then see the following image:

    In more detail, the upper left shows:

    That is basically a map showing the players camping (upper right) with their tokens on the map; the idea is to expand this map and personalize for the players once the campaign matures, right now this campaign is just one session in, so just shows basics The other tokens show either important NPCs (the round tokens) with shared links (the green pins), linking to the player reference manual describing these NPCs. The floating book has a green pin linking the whole reference manual. The isometric NPC token is a merchant who always shows on the map when the players are able to access a merchant That one merchant is one for basic goods and needs, and the green pin next to it links to its shops and contents so that players can access the shop and go shopping if they wish so (making use of a shop extension for that) For some aesthetic there is also a cloud fx over this part of the map

    The upper right of the landing page:

    This shows part of a world map the players are right now, also again with pins linking to more information the players already got There is also an Fx effect for parchment (and also some flickering effect for the torches). between the gold coins is also a hidden pin linking to 50 gold for the first player who finds that link That serves as an RP background addition, the corresponding character has a richer background then (the players are currently in a session 0); mostly a gimmick, but I think that is funny

    The lower part:

    This is a notice board I created, summarizing the most important story parts of the last session; little bit like a newspaper with clickbait/shitty titles and text Maybe I should also use a parchment fx effect here

    Maybe this motivates also others to create a landing page; I would be happy to hear from your ideas
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    Nice work. I use the MotD to similarly summarise the campaign so far, link current quests and the map they are currently on. I like the notice board idea; if I could just motivate myself to draw them
    If there is something that you would like to see in Fantasy Grounds that isn't currently part of the software or if there is something you think would improve a ruleset then add your idea here

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    Quote Originally Posted by Zacchaeus View Post
    Nice work. I use the MotD to similarly summarise the campaign so far, link current quests and the map they are currently on. I like the notice board idea; if I could just motivate myself to draw them

    I actually just googled "notice board" and "blank notice letters" (or so), and the text I added via paint The notice board is actually a separate layer in FG; I added the notice letters in FG as assets on top of the notice board so that I can scale and move them around inside FG

    Quote Originally Posted by damned View Post
    Nice work Kelrugem!
    Thank you

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    Extremely nice work, very artistic and immersive -- a great way for players to leave the real world and get into the game world of the campaign.

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    That looks awesome. I really like this idea.

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    Thanks all Yeah, took me some time, and I hope my players will like it, too

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    As a heads-up: With Saagael's extension,, I now customized all my pins, for example, my players can now double-click on the merchant to oping their shop

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