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    Vehicles in Combat tracker


    Been playing traveller on fantasy grounds for a long while now and enjoying all the updates over the years (looking at you ship combat). But i am wondering if there is any planes to add vehicles to the regular PC/NPC combat tracker? I have been getting around this by adhoc using robots as subs for vehicles in the combat tracker, but this isn't great.

    I know the Vehicle handbook is currently getting worked on, is this part of the intergation with the handbook a future plan?

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    I know its on MBM's to-do list. He mentioned it in one of the symposiums and was thinking of best way to implement etc... I got excited when I saw the new Cepheus ruleset has vehicles,robots,ships and everything in one combat tracker. plus a ship builder, character wizard right off the bat. Once the SRD comes out I'm gonna try it out w/my group. Cepheus is basically traveller MGT-1. But I too have been waiting for vehicles and robots etc... in MGT2. I almost bailed to Cepheus on Foundry but FGU, in my humble opinion, suits my VTT needs better. Once MBM gets focused back on traveller he's a machine and he's probably going to do a whole bunch of updates in a short period of time. crossing my fingers. :-) He's also updating to the new releases (some minor changes) for free I think. Just not sure when. I asked about vehicles quite some time ago here in the forums but I never got a reply. :-(

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    Thanks for quick reply and info! The module has come a looooooooong way since i first picked it up back in 2020, so I am in no hurry. I have been making a lot of my own items and been dabling with making my own vehicles aswell. Little bit off topic, but I found that a lot of the gear and equipment in mongoose traveller is a little bit out of date or seemingly unbalanced. Gauss weapons with APDS ammo for example. So the vehicle module is like the last thing i am looking for to cap my groups traveller playstyle experince.

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    Following MBM on twitter and he has posted some updates about his new process and how much faster it is to convert things. So it looks like there are several items in the pipeline.
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    very exciting news
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