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    Blue Dungeon Generator and Geomorphs

    I wanted to start a thread here if anyone had suggestions or problems with the Module.

    Some detail on how i chose to do dynamic lighting.
    To maintain the blue aesthetic i used non openable windows as wall lines and used regular walls 1/2 a square back from the edge, except for the exterior. Those are walled right on the edge to eliminate light seepage between tiles.

    A short video showing how to use the tiles.
    I fixed the error you see when i try to search for the first tile. I need to do a new video.
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    I've moved this thread to the Paid Creations sub-forum as this is related to a discussions and support for a paid product.
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    Christmas Sale!
    On 12/18-12/24
    My FGU Conversion of Blue Dungeon Generator and Geomorphs
    Will be 50% off!! Only 4 bucks!

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    you have it listed as only an unlisted product Blue dungeon catagorie.PNG which means when I look for PF1e stuff only it does not come up... highly recommend looking at something like this: Sugestion.PNG to make it more search friendly.

    and FYI I will be buying on the 18th, now that I see it.
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    Thank you , made some adjustments!

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