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In Cypher, NPC modifications are written as "[action] as [difficulty level]". This is essentially what you do using LEVEL. The Number part (I just confirmed this with Saagael on Discord) is the difficulty level it is when it does whatever it's doing.

So, for your example of a level 3 creature with defense as level 4, you would use:
LEVEL: 4 def

If the modification is for Might Defense only (Spd and Int defense remain as lvl 3), you would use:
LEVEL: 4 def, might

Then, when a PC has the creature targeted and uses a physical attack (creature's speed defense), it would be at level 3. If, however, they used a poison attack (creature's might defense) it would automatically adjust to level 4.
Slight correction, a level 3 creature with defenses as level four would be
LEVEL: 1 def