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    Hey all! I am the "data dude" for this project. There were 195 rollable table in that book! I never want to see a rollable table again in my life!

    Anyways, things are progressing smoothly. We have an awesome rule set programmer working on this. The mountain of data including the tables is done. We will have an alpha version soon.

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    That is awesome, Spoofer! I don't envy you the task of creating all of those tables but better you than me Seriously though, thanks for taking on this monumental task. And thanks to all those folks behind the scenes that are working on the rule set.

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    Sounds awesome! Thanks you for the hard work and that goes to all involved!

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    Great news Spoofer! I can't wait to see all those rollable tables in action.

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    Damned is writing the rule set. Here are some images he recently shared on Discord.



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    We are making steady progress.

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    This is wonderful news!! Thank you all for doing this. Can't wait.

    I can feel the darkness creeping in.

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    We created an image for every monster. We are now working on tokens for every monster. Progress is steady---but there is a lot to do.

    shadowdark tokens.jpg

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    So many 3rd party modules, character classes, and more being created right now. ShadowDark is looking better and better. I'm looking forward to playing on FGU with less prep and more dark crawling!

    Thanks for the work behind the scenes guys. This is the reason I have supported Fantasy Grounds over any other VTT. It's diverse in games, detail-rich in features and very versatile.

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