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    Rise of the Drow has only 1 seat remaining.

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    Two new games offered...

    Mummy's Mask 5e

    Tomb of Annihilation

    (See above)

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    4 seats available for Mummy's Mask 5e

    1 seat available for Tales of Blood 5e

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    Here are my paid VTT game openings as of this post.

    Every other Saturday 11:00am (EST) / 8:00am (PST)
    Mummy's Mask - A D&D 5e Egyptian Themed Adventure
    Only 1 Seat Available!

    Every other Sunday 7:00pm (EST) / 4pm (PST)
    Rise of the Drow - A 5-star, ENnie-nominated 5th Edition Adventure Path
    Only 1 Seat Available!
    Current Level: 2nd
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