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    BoL Effects (Feedback requested)

    I started working on this a bit tonight. Here are the basic effects I think we can use in the game:


    I think with those we can build out most everything. I couldn't think of any conditions. I could encode "Offensive Stance" but really we can just make it like this Offensive Stance;ATK:1;DEFENCE:-1

    I already coded the offensive effects in even as far strength impacts damage (half for ranged etc). So if you can think of some I am missing or could be useful let me know!

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    Hmm, INIT, maybe?
    ABILITY that does all Abilities and COMBAT that does all Combat stats?
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    Yeah init is implemented, I added brawling for brawling attacks, and lifeblood for boons or whatever. Everything is in but protection. I'm testing them will update.

    Next update will have this plus some bug fixes I found and an adventure update. I recreated the campaign for the included adventure, updated it and added los.

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    Under Effects, I created an effect (Offense Stance; DMG: +2) for giving a +2 to DMG rolls that the players can turn on or off depending on the circumstances. I was attempting to do the same thing with Mastercraft weapons or armor rerolling any 1 once per round under Effects. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated, and I will test them out. Just looking for ideas.

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    Thank you! So if you wanted to make an effect under the Effects under tools concerning rerolling dice based on the outcome of the dice roll how would you phrase it? then I will roll damage till I see if that phrase works. I have made two effects that works for my game based on your phrasing on this thread. But if it impossible because of the background coding in the game I would like to know that. Thanks for all of your hard work in this game we are really enjoying.

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    I'm not sure I understand the question fully but there is no effect for rerolling dice.

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